Welcome to Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge is a meditation and retreat center in Springfield, New Hampshire. We host a variety of retreats and programs oriented towards teaching practices of the Buddhist tradition, deepening personal practice, and integrating meditation into daily life.
Wonderwell from grass


Wonderwell offers many retreats each year such as:

• Weekend and week-long retreats for the introduction to and deepening of meditation and other Buddhists practices
• Specialty retreats for caregivers, artists, and writers
• Wilderness, outdoor, and yoga retreats

Visit our Schedule page for a complete listing of retreats and here for information on Retreat Options.





Local Events

• Dharma Sundays: A day of guided meditation, teaching on Buddhist practice, and a community potluck, held usually once a month from 10:00 am-2:00 pm. Check our Schedule for dates. All are welcome!
• Monday Night Meditation: 6:30-8:00 pm. Meditation, teaching & discussion.
• Sunrise Meditation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings 7:00-7:45 am. Join us for silent meditation.






Wonderwell: The Next 100 Years

Retreats at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge provide a safe space for cultivating compassion and wisdom for the wider good. The improvements to Wonderwell’s building will make this sacred space more accessible, more energy efficient and safer than ever, embodying our values as a community. Wonderwell came into being not through the auspices of one donor, but through the generosity of many hearts, minds, and hands working together. Wonderwell counts on the support of every member of its community for its ongoing development.

Please donate and help to bring Wonderwell into the 21st Century so that it can continue to offer a place of peace and refuge for generations to come.