Welcome to Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

Wonderwell from grassA Buddhist retreat center in Springfield, New Hampshire—named for the fertile well that produced water even during times of severe droughtWonderwell Mountain Refuge is located on 25 acres on a quiet country road, flanked by large farms, nestled in the lovely Lake Sunapee Region, a two hour drive from Boston.

Wonderwell: The Next Hundred Years

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge is a product of loving kindness and collective vision. It does not have one large donor at its back, but came into being through the generosity of many hearts, minds and hands working together. While the challenges ahead are considerable, we are excited. These improvements to Wonderwell’s building embody our values as a community. The building will be safer, more accessible, more energy-efficient, more comfortable and more beautiful than ever.

Help us Raise 2.5 Million Dollars for Needed Renovations