Hemera Fellowships for Educators

Thanks to an endowment offered by the Hemera Foundation, Natural Dharma Fellowship is pleased to offer Contemplative Fellowships for Educators. These fellowships support the growth and development of individuals in a “meditation” retreat setting, allowing for the cultivation of mindfulness, compassion, personal wholesomeness and professional efficacy. As a result of attending a retreat, participants may enact and apply these qualities to their work environments.

The criteria for receiving a Fellowship for Educators is:

  1.  Currently work full-time in Pre-K or K-12 education, or be enrolled in a Master’s degree program in education.
  2.  Be registered for a Wonderwell retreat whereby meditation is the primary component.  This can be discerned by reading the program description carefully.
  3.  Not have received a Hemera fellowship in the same year.

100% funding is only offered to those who have never attended a meditation retreat longer than a weekend.   Applicants who have previous meditation retreat experience can receive up to 50% funding, with need-based support available beyond the 50% baseline.

If you are interested in receiving fellowship support for your retreat:

  1.   Please register for the retreat you wish to attend – paying the 25% program deposit, and
  2.   Fill out the “Hemera Contemplative Fellowship for Educators” application.

The fellowship cannot be evaluated without both items being received.  If 100% fellowship is awarded, your deposit will be refunded.   Once all information is received, you should hear the results of your award within 2 weeks.

To apply please click here.

Part of the long-term vision of the Hemera Contemplative Fellowships for Educators Program is to build a community of fellows, both online and in person. By accepting Hemera Fellowship funding, you agree to allow your contact information to be shared with the Hemera Foundation, and to fill out a questionnaire about your experience following the retreat that you attend with Hemera’s support.