Solo Retreats

Since its inception, the vision for Wonderwell has been to support individuals who wish to deepen their meditation practice in a solitary retreat container. The refuge provides a place of practice, away from the perpetual busyness of our daily lives.

A solo retreat requires renunciation from one’s busy life, from technology and conversation, as well as requires the discipline to set one’s own daily practice schedule.  A solo retreat is something a person does on their own with regards to meditation and study.  Examples of what a solo retreat is not:  a writing retreat, a hiking retreat, an artist retreat, a couples retreat.

We require applicants to first experience Wonderwell via a group retreat before opting to engage in a solo retreat.


For solo retreats of less than one week:  We require an email describing your style of meditation practice, how long you have been practicing, your meditation retreat history and how you plan to utilize your retreat time at Wonderwell.

For solo retreats lasting longer one week or longer:  We require the above as well as a letter of recommendation from your meditation or Dharma teacher.  Before acceptance, we may require a phone interview with our resident teacher of Wonderwell and will require a practice interview during your stay.

These requirements are to ensure that Wonderwell can best support your experience.

During all solo retreats, practitioners are asked to maintain Noble Silence except for initial set-up requests and information and departure arrangements.  We provide a kitchen in the basement for solo retreatants to cook their own meals and store food, outside of our main kitchen.  Retreatants are expected to clean up after themselves throughout their stay.

Before submitting your request, please refer to the main retreats’ schedule page for availability, outside of public retreats.  In the rare event a group program is taking place during a portion of your solo retreat, you must respect the retreat container, refrain from entering the meditation hall during teachings, maintaining Noble Silence and not engage with other retreatants.   You may be able to participate in the meals that are offered for the program.  But keep in mind, the rate of your accommodation will be prorated to include the cost of food and lodging, the same as the group.

Payment for solo retreats must be submitted in full before the retreat commences. The cost of a solo retreat at Wonderwell is $108 per night, supplying your own food and preparation, your own bed linen and towels and your own practice supplies.  No candles are allowed in the rooms.

Often there is busy (noisy) work happen between group retreat as this is the only time staff has for maintenance, construction, meetings and house cleaning.  We will try and place you in a room away from the noise the best we can.  This may mean you have some stairs separating your room and the basement kitchen

Please click here for more information about the building and your possible stay here at Wonderwell.

Once you have reviewed the above and have selected a preferred set of dates, please submit your solo retreat request (including the above requirements) to,