Solo Retreats

In addition to offering a wide variety of enriching group programs, since its inception the vision for Wonderwell has been to support individuals who wish to deepen their meditation practice in solitary retreat. The refuge provides a place of respite from the perpetual busyness of our daily lives to deepen into our personal practice.

All are welcome to engage in solo retreat at Wonderwell regardless of particular style of meditation practice. However, we do encourage applicants to first experience Wonderwell via a group retreat before opting to engage in a solo retreat.

For solo retreats of less than one week, we require a letter describing your meditation practice, how long you have been practicing and your meditation retreat history. For solo retreats lasting longer one week or longer, we require an interview with the resident teacher, a description of your relationship with meditation practice, and a letter of recommendation from your meditation or Dharma teacher. These requirements are to ensure that Wonderwell can best support your experience.

During all solo retreats, practitioners are asked to maintain Noble Silence except for initial set-up requests and information and departure arrangements. Retreatants are asked to provide and prepare their own food, as well as clean up, while at Wonderwell. We provide dedicated cooking and food storage areas for solo retreatants, outside of our main kitchen.

Before submitting your request, please refer to the main retreats’ schedule page. In the event that a group program is taking place during the time you are in solo retreat, you are welcome to participate in the meals that are offered for the program. In this case, special dietary requests may only be accommodated with sufficient notice.

A solo retreatant residing concurrent to a group program must respect the retreat container, refrain from entering the meditation hall during teachings, and maintaining Noble Silence. As well, the rate of your accommodation will be prorated to include the cost of the bed as it would have been sold for the group retreat.

Payment for solo retreats must be submitted in full on-line before the retreat commences. The cost of a solo retreat at Wonderwell is $108 per night.

Please click here for more comprehensive information about retreats at Wonderwell.

Once you have reviewed the above and have selected your preferred dates, please submit your request to


I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do several private retreats at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge. During the several years I’ve been retreating there both individually and as part of group programs, it is for me a magical place that supports me in my practice in profound ways. It has been the source and location of so much transformative work over the years that the refuge itself has a palpable sense of support for settling and deepening my personal process.

Standard accommodations include spacious lovely rooms with private baths and views to die for. A huge porch to utilize year round, if you are up for wrapping yourself in a blanket during the winter in order to partake of the breathtaking mountain views. A beautiful meditation hall that is open 24/7 with two huge stone fireplaces.

I really appreciate the chance to spend time in nature, with a leisurely walk in the woods or stroll down the road, snowshoeing in winter and swimming in a nearby lake in summer. Wonderwell is definitely a wonder-full place to provide deep nourishment and support for your spiritual practice. Arriving there always feels to me like coming home.

– Laura Howell, NDF Margha Program Director and Vajrayana Path Student

I can vouch for Wonderwell’s being a serious and receptive retreat facility, kindly staffed and well tended by its local sangha, a place of peace and right effort with good intention.  As a retreatant I was provided both solitude and support.

– Robert Langan, Psychotherapist/Practitioner– Author of Minding What Matters.