Dāna is a Sanskrit word that means generosity. On the Mahayana Buddhist path, it is considered the first ‘perfection’ of the bodhisattva training, and the foundation of all qualities of a spiritual life.

Considering the benefit we have received from the generous teaching and mentorship of our teachers, we have a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and support the continuation of the teachings.

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge came into being and flourishes only through the generosity and openhearted giving by individuals like you. Retreat tuitions cannot fully cover Wonderwell’s ongoing operating budget. Funds are required for operating costs, to complete renovations, repairs, landscaping, and to sustain the property so that it may continue to host group retreats, and personal solo retreats, years into the future. Your offering of dāna pays forward the enjoyment you have received in this peaceful refuge. We thank the sangha for engaging in the joyful practice of giving. May all beings benefit!

Ways to Give

Pledge a donation for the longevity of the refuge in 2018

Contact Phil Malloy at

Make a short or medium term 3.0% loan

Contact Phil Malloy at

Make A Donation of Any Amount

You can make a tax-deductible donation. Every little bit helps, and no amount is too small to donate. Click on the Donate through Paypal link or send a check to:

Donate through PaypalNatural Dharma Fellowship
c/o Phil Malloy
11 Blueberry Hill Rd.
Andover, MA 01810

Set Up A Recurring Monthly Donation

Select this option if you would like to donate a designated monthly amount to support Wonderwell Mountain Refuge. This designated monthly donation is an excellent way to support Natural Dharma’s ongoing retreat program, and to help us maintain the building and grounds of Wonderwell on a regular basis. To set up an automatic monthly payment, select an amount from the dropdown menu and then click on Donate.

Donate New or Used Items

In-kind contributions of quality used or new items to Wonderwell Regfuge can be donated for a tax deduction. See list below for an up to date “wishlist.” Prior to bringing an item to the refuge, please direct queries to Elizabeth Monson Items may not be left on the premises without prior approval.

NOTE: When donating cash through PayPal please use the special instructions area to indicate what the donation is for so that we can properly allocate it.

Wish List

  • Zafus/Zabutons
  • Fine Vases
  • Fine Area Rugs
  • Fine lighting fixtures
  • Bedside tables
  • Small chest of drawers
  • Electric can opener
  • Ice machine

Have an inspiration to donate time or materials we haven’t thought of? Send us an email: