Hemera Tending Space Fellowship for Artists

Tending Space (Artist) Fellowship Program Description

The Tending Space Fellowship Program for Artists was developed with the view that art has the capacity to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness. The aim of the program is to nurture the creative practice of seeing things as they are, to cultivate that awareness, and to live and create from this insight. To accomplish this, we provide financial support for artists to experience the immersive, contemplative environment of a meditation retreat.

Qualified applicants will need to meet the following criteria:

  1.  Be full-time artists in the visual, performance, musicians, writers, or other multi-disciplinary artists.
  2.  Have a sincere desire for the experience of extended meditation practice to inform and influence their creative expression in the world.
  3.   Have registered for a Wonderwell retreat with a primary component of meditation.  This can be discerned by reading the retreat description carefully.

To be eligible for 100% funding an artists must never have attended a residential meditation retreat longer than a weekend.   Artists who have attended one meditation retreat or more, longer than a weekend will be offered 50% funding, with need-based support available beyond that percentage.

In order to receive a fellowship:

  1.  A Tending Spaces Fellowship application must be received and
  2. You must be registered for a Wonderwell retreat and have paid the 25% deposit.

If you are awarded 100% funding, the 25% retreat deposit will be refunded to your CC.

To apply for a Hemera Tending Space Fellowship please click here.

It is Hemera’s intent that these fellowships will serve as the foundation of an ever-expanding network and community of artists committed to exploring the intersection of contemplative practice and artistic creation. You can start connecting with such peers now at our online community forum.