Write Meditation Retreat
Write Meditation Retreat
Private Event
with Philip Osgood
Thursday, September 14  5:00 pm - Sunday, September 17, 2017 3:00 pm
Wonderwell Mountain Refuge, 253 Philbrick Hill Road, Springfield, NH 03284

Level: This retreat is open to writers and meditators at all levels of experience. The format works well for both aspiring writers who are looking for a supportive, non-judgmental environment to kick-start their writing practice and for experienced writers who are looking for the space and time to devote to their ongoing projects.

At the Write Meditation Retreat, we dive into the creative writing process enhanced by the context of Buddhist meditation practice and explore how the qualities of mindfulness and compassion complement and facilitate the generative flow of creative writing.

We will use techniques and skillful means for:

  • bypassing our tendency to inhibit or self-edit the creative impulse
  • identifying the themes and images we most want to explore in our writing
  • developing our unique writing voice
  • revivifying and revising works in process

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Wonderwell Mountain Refuge strives to offer retreats in a manner that is non-cost prohibitive and inclusive to persons of all means. If the full retreat cost would create an undue financial burden, we encourage persons to apply for scholarship and work-study. Whether one needs to request aid to defer a large or small portion of the cost of a retreat so as not to incur a financial burden, we strive to accommodate you.

Materials Needed : Be sure to bring plenty of paper and pens, and your notebook computer, if you like. And bring comfy clothing for sitting practice and wandering the beautiful environs of Wonderwell Mountain Refuge.

Accommodations Please click here for more information about your stay.
   Private - 690.00 - Waitlist
   Shared - 504.00
   Womens Dorm - 417.00
   Camper - 354.00
   Commuter - 294.00
   Mens Premium Dorm - 461.00
   Womens Premium Dorm - 461.00

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